Sustainability at Primmed

Sustainability at Primmed

The need for improving the well-being of both people and the planet is universal and more relevant than ever. We all want to leave the world a better and happier place for our children than we found it. To achieve this mission, we all need to take responsibility and accelerate our efforts by taking both big and small steps. Above all, we need to make conscious choices that will have a positive societal and environmental impact for years to come. At Primmed we take sustainability seriously, and we have done so for many years. Of course, this is a continuous process but there are some projects that are worth sharing already.


All our products are scientifically tested and adhere to all EU regulations. We have third party quality certifications, accreditations, controls and we collect customer and consumer feedback through extensive review mechanisms. Every year on World Malaria Day, as part of our commitment to eradicate malaria, we release our Malaria Impact Report, which documents all our activities and contributions to this important cause.


We take every opportunity to select the right packaging materials and make improvements that benefit the environment. We offer our customers a wide range in packaging options. Just a few of our projects:

  • All our cardboard and labels are FSC-certified and made from virgin paper.
  • We offer standalone packaging, without outer boxes to save on cardboard.
  • We source all our bottles and spray heads in Europe.
  • Currently we are testing bottles & tubes from recycled plastic for our insect repellent and after bite relief products. Our office is as energy neutral as it can be thanks to our solar panels, our water pump energy system & our electrical fleet. We are in the process of measuring our Corporate Carbon Footprint and the Product Carbon Footprint of our top-selling products.


For more than 30 years we have supported our mission to eradicate malaria by 2030. We do this by donating 1% of our revenue to this important cause. We have long-term relationships with our (local) suppliers, and we critically evaluate their performance and management of their social & environmental footprint.

We would be happy to share more about this with you. Feel free to ask our representatives for more information.

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*Availability and claims of biocides may differ per country depending on local legislation.