Primmed is specialized in Anti-Insect repellents in compliance with European regulations

Looking to expand your range of travel healthcare products with Insect repellents and after bite gels?

Since 1989, Primmed has led the way in travel healthcare products, combining more than 30 years of experience with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We see ourselves as a partner in your work, not just a supplier.

Our expertise covers every step of product development, from ideation to placing products on shelves. We also provide full support in meeting EU-BPR and local regulations to ensure your products not only meet but surpass market standards. Primmed offers a wide selection of travel healthcare products, complete with the latest industry insights, options for custom packaging, and design support to meet your specific requirements.


Our products are available in more than 25 countries at pharmacies, drugstores, outdoor shops and online.


We are innovative and lead the way in the application of new or combined technologies in private label travel products.


We follow new developments, lend our ears to the traveler and the consumer and respond to their needs.

private label travel products

Our products are produced according to regulations.

private label travel products

Our products are always scientifically tested and proven.

private label travel products

Our work and products contribute to a malaria free world.

Primmed is a manufacturer of private label travel products.

When developing new private label travel products, for Primmed the demands of our customers are always coming first.
We believe that our expertise and experience will help to optimize your insect repellent shelf performance.

Partner with Primmed:
your counterpart in travel healthcare innovation.


We help you with the complete route to market support for existing product formulations and registrations in compliance with the EU-BPR, local law and regulations.


Our passion is to transform your product requests into successful travel healthcare products under your own label / brand. Together we will establish your best product options.


Within a short time, frame the products will be delivered, turnkey